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Introduction of four special bar lighting in the process of bar decoration


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In the process of bar decoration, we all know that the selection of bar lighting is very important, and the lighting design is dark. The design mood and atmosphere of the bar are very important. Customers will often patronize because they like the atmosphere of a bar. Introduction to four special bar lighting in the process of bar decoration.

1. Iron lamp

in the bar with nostalgic style, the exquisite iron lamp cap has made enough retro articles. Similar to the best equipment to decorate iron lamps in the shape of lit candles and "tassel" made of crystal glass, but because the design of the lamp cap is too exquisite, there is little room for energy-saving lamps to play, so the pursuit of energy conservation and beauty has become a dilemma. This kind of iron lamps are carved and colored by hand, which makes each lamp face the possibility of limited production, and the price is relatively high. It is worth noting that many merchants clearly stated that iron lamps are only similar to iron in shape. In fact, their lamps are made of zinc alloy. The latest lantern, which is very similar to the flower branch in shape, is also a kind of iron lamp, which is favored by many consumers because of its realistic shape. It is recommended to buy those with delicate hand feel and good flexibility. If it is a large hanging wall lamp, the weight should also be considered. Some lanterns weigh up to 5 kg. Non load bearing walls will be difficult to install.

2. Rattan lamp

This lamp is suitable for country style bars. It is made of natural rattan by special process and can not be broken unless it is cut with a sharp tool. It has been specially treated in terms of water drainage and dust prevention. It can be dusted at ordinary times and washed and dried with water when it is firmly attached. There are no small cracks formed by gravity on the surface, and it seems that a layer of drainage film is also plated. This kind of lamp can be colored according to the actual needs, and the shape is also very easy.

3. Crystal lamp

The starry crystal always fills the space of the bar with a romantic atmosphere, which is unmatched by other lighting. The exquisite production technology of crystal lamp and the adoption of new technology make people have a new understanding of lighting mode. Crystal is like diamond. The origin, purity and price difference are the main factors. In the current chaotic market, it can only be judged by the very perceptual method of crispness and transparency. The newly invented unique lighting mode and perfect lighting system suitable for the optical performance of crystal combine the advantages of optical fiber lighting with the optical characteristics of crystal, which can be called a high-tech product of the level of the 21st century.

4. Stainless steel lamp

It is a lamp with stainless steel as the main material. It is easy to shape and color. The cold taste can create a postmodern feeling for the bar. This kind of lamp is "appearance goods", like is the only selection rule, and the price also follows the design. The closer you get to the master's work, the more expensive it is.

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