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How many watts of living room light is suitable? How should the living room lamp be selected?


Before we buy Lighting, we should choose the appropriate wattage according to the size of the space. Generally speaking, the general size of the bedroom should choose 10-15w lights. If it is a wall lamp, 3W brightness is enough; if it is an energy-saving lamp, 15W is enough.

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How to choose the light in the bedroom?

1. When buying, we should pay attention to its soft light, and its wattage should not be too large or too small. For people who have the habit of reading before going to bed, if the light is too dark, it will damage their eyesight and easily affect their mood before going to bed; If the light is too bright, it will stimulate people's eyes and make people unable to sleep at ease. Therefore, the light of the bedroom bedside lamp should be soft and moderate in brightness, which is also conducive to people's relaxation. It not only meets the needs of reading, but also creates a good sleep environment.

2. Secondly, we should determine the type of lighting according to the layout style of the bedroom, the placement of furniture and the preferences of residents. For example, most families use table lamps and wall lamps as bedside lamps. The size and quantity of desk lamps can be selected according to the size, style and texture of the bedside table. We can put one lamp alone or two lamps symmetrically. If you buy wall lamps, we need to choose according to the size of the bed. Usually, a large bed should be installed on the wall on both sides of the bed, while a small bed should be installed with a double headed wall lamp above the center of the bed. For the convenience of reading, we can also choose the wall lamp with telescopic handle and adjustable lamp cap.

3. Finally, pay attention to the material selection of the lampshade, whether the lampshade is durable and safe, and whether it has the effect of softening the light. For example, lampshades made of frosted glass, parchment, PVC, silk, etc. Their translucent texture can set off a semi warm atmosphere and mottled light and shadow for the bedroom, making people feel inner peace. Generally speaking, the color of bedside lamp should be warm or neutral, such as goose yellow, milky white, orange, etc.

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