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What is the function of outdoor advertising lighting? How to do lighting advertising?


1. What is the function of outdoor advertising lighting?

(1) In fact, one of the main functions of outdoor lighting is outdoor lighting. The "lighting" mentioned here refers to the use of various light sources to illuminate the advertising picture. Advertising can play a role in transmitting information at night. The performance is similar, mostly including light box with built-in light and light street sign with external light.

(2)  Another main function of outdoor advertising lighting is modeling. The so-called "modeling" refers to the performance of lighting participating in advertising content. In addition to the basic lighting function, this kind of light source can also lay more emphasis on shaping and expressing the graphics, text and color of advertising content through outline, combination and arrangement. The types of light sources that can illuminate and shape include neon lights, small ball lights and various optical fibers. The computer control department produces scanning, jumping, default and other changes to make the advertisements colorful and eye-catching.


2. How to do the lighting advertisement of the building?

(1) LED display

We should know more about the LED display screen. For example, the LED advertising screen we see in many outdoor places such as parks, scenic spots and highways is actually the LED display screen. The LED display screen can also play animation for the outer wall of the building. Now, the top rotation advertising of urban landmark buildings often seen in the market is generally achieved by using the LED display screen to surround the building. The effect of LED display screen as the lighting advertising of the building is also very good.

(2) Logo projector

Logo projection lamp, also known as logo spotlight, is popular in the past two years. It is commonly used in outdoor lighting and indoor space decoration. For example, we usually see the store logo on the wall or road by the roadside. Similarly, the logo spotlight can be customized into a simple lighting animation, and the effect of advertising can be projected onto the outer wall of the building.

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