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Characteristics and functions of neon lights


Nowadays, neon lights can be seen in all streets and alleys. Neon lights belong to advertising lights and play the role of advertising. Moreover, they are elegant and the decoration effect is particularly good. Do you know the characteristics of neon lights? Rongroup to tell you.


1. Long service life

Neon lamp has a long service life, which is unmatched by any other electric light source. It can last more than 10000 hours under the condition of continuous operation and continuous electricity.

2. High efficiency

Neon lamp has its own cold cathode characteristics. When working, the temperature of the lamp tube is 60 ℃, so it can work in the open sun, rain or water. Neon lamp also has strong penetration, and can have good visual effect even in rainy and foggy days.

3. Low energy consumption

Nowadays, with the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, the manufacturing technology of neon lights and the manufacturing level of related components are also constantly improving. The application of new electrodes and new electronic transformers has greatly reduced the power consumption of neon lamps from 56 watts per meter to 12 watts per meter.

4. Flexibility and diversity

Because the neon lamp is made of glass tube, the glass tube can be bent into any shape after firing, which is very flexible. You can also choose to rush different inert gases into different types of neon lamp tubes to get colorful and multi-color light.

5. Strong dynamic

Neon lights can be set into seven color scanning: Jumping scanning, gradient scanning and color mixing and color changing, which can form a pair of flowing pictures, like a rainbow in the sky, like the Milky way on earth, and more like a dream world, with strong dynamic.

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