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What kind of lamp is good for the wedding?



A perfect wedding lighting is essential. Lighting can not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also decorate the whole wedding scene to set off the new couple. But many couples don't quite understand the types of lights at the wedding. So, what kind of lights are good for marriage? What is the role of light in the wedding?

1. What kind of lamp is good for marriage

(1) Essential for marriage are PA lightsLED lights, floor lamps, etc. these lights are the basic lights that must be used for wedding, which are used to decorate or brighten the background. It is generally used in the welcome area and stage background area. The price is cheap. Wedding companies usually give it away. The purchase is generally sold by group, with 4 lamps in a group.

(2) How can there be less spotlights at the wedding scene? Generally, two spotlights are used to highlight the new couple or create other effects when the whole process is dark. This kind of light can be operated manually to let the light follow the newcomer.

(3) Beam lights are generally used for concerts, but now many large weddings will also use them. The color can be operated artificially or by computer according to the music to produce the desired effect.

(4) The LED dyeing lamp can be used to render the atmosphere at the wedding. It can be placed on the ground or on the shelf. The couple can place it at will according to their needs. There are many kinds of lights needed for the wedding, so the couple should choose what they need at the wedding site according to their own budget, and then decorate it. If the lighting is well arranged, the wedding effect can be greatly improved.

2. What is the role of light in the wedding

(1) In fact, the biggest function of lamps is to use for lighting. Most of the lights required in weddings are also used for lighting. It is especially suitable for this kind of wedding indoors or outdoors at night. It is inseparable from the assistance of lights.

(2) Many kinds of lamps and lanterns are usually arranged in the wedding. Each lamp has different effects, but they all have the same function, that is, to create a romantic and warm atmosphere at the wedding site.

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