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What kind of lamps is suitable for the restaurant?


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1. What kind of light looks good in the restaurant?

(1) Chinese lamp

In modern home decoration, the restaurant is often connected with the living room or kitchen in design. In modern home decoration, Chinese style decoration is more and more adopted, and Chinese lamps are also widely used. Strong Chinese style lamps are used to decorate the restaurant, which can better create a comfortable and comfortable dining environment. Chinese lamps and lanterns, which embody the precipitation of Chinese culture, can be more prominent from the dining environment.

(2) Crystal lamp

Because of its unique noble temperament, crystal lamp has attracted the love and pursuit of the majority of consumers. Chandeliers are widely used in the selection of restaurant lamps. The use of crystal clear crystal lamp in the restaurant can effectively reveal the noble and elegant atmosphere. With a unique wax candle, the whole restaurant can be filled with a romantic atmosphere, But it should be noted that if the space area of the restaurant is too small, it is recommended not to choose crystal lights.

(3) Chandelier

In modern restaurant decoration, chandeliers are widely used, and the combination forms of chandeliers are diverse, including single lamp, three rows, multiple small lamps and other combination methods. When selecting the chandelier in the restaurant, the lamp specification should be determined according to the size of the dining table. If the dining table is long, the chandelier style composed of multiple small chandeliers can be selected, and each small lamp can be switched on and off respectively, In this way, the corresponding number of chandeliers can be used according to the dining needs.

(4) Wall lamp

When choosing lamps in the restaurant, the chandelier and wall lamp can echo each other, which can make the whole dining space more dynamic. If the space area of the restaurant is narrow and the dining table is close to the wall, the use of wall lamp is a good choice.

(5) Downlight

Table communication is an effective way to enhance the feelings between diners. Many factors such as the shape, style, light color and light intensity of restaurant lights will directly affect the mood of diners. If the restaurant space is spacious enough, you can choose chandeliers as the main light source, coupled with downlights and wall lamps as auxiliary light, which is the ideal way of light distribution.

2. What color of restaurant lamp is better?

(1) Generally speaking, the lighting of the restaurant should be warm color, that is, the color from yellow to red and the middle part. Such lights are projected on the food to increase appetite.

(2) But the wallpaper is light yellow and beige, and the furniture is purplish red. There are too many warm colors in such an environment. If you use colored light, you will feel a little dry. It is recommended that you use white light. In this way, after illuminating the environment, the color of the wall and furniture will cause a warm feeling after reflection.

After seeing what kind of lights are installed in the restaurant as described above, people should be able to make the right choice. Chandeliers are popular in restaurants. People can choose one with good quality and good effect. At the same time, the color of restaurant lights is affected by many factors, Because it is good to match with the overall decoration style.

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